Volcano Spiral Triangle Studios classes:

Ongoing hand building Clay classes: Friday mornings 2.5 hours

Private art lessons in: Bookbinding, drawing, acrylic and watercolor painting, printmaking, quilting, pottery…

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Sacred Play

Do you yearn to tap your creative spirit, but you’re not quite sure how to start?

Lisa Louise Adams is a visual artist, poet and experienced art teacher with a passion for her own learning and inspiring the creative process and flow in others. Through the guided multi-sensory activities of Sacred Play, Lisa Louise combines a deep understanding of how to tap into our inner spirit with joyful enthusiasm and technical knowledge to help focus and release the unique Artist that resides in you. Join co-active creativity coach Lisa Louise in a fun inspired experience. Email to get started on a 3-month exploration to put a unique creativity practice in place and start NOW!

Hilo Kilauea Kreations classes:

April 24: Print your Fabric with contemporary ‘Ohe Kapala, 6 hours

June 24: Sculptural Laced Accordion, 6 hours

July 12: English Paper Pieced Borders, 3 hours

July 15: Watercolor Flag Book, 6 hours

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Quilt Festival Classes 2017

Wednesday, November 1: Coptic Exposed Spine Book with Concertina, all-day

Thursday, November 2: Easy and Fun Fabric Printing, all-day

Friday, November 3: Friday Sampler—Create a Hawaiian Style Quilt, 10:00am-noon,

Friday, November 3: Learn English Paper Piecing and Make a Fabric Bowl, half da

Saturday, November 4: Watercolor Flag Book, all-day

Contact Lisa Louise for more info and to register

State Education

Teaching Artist for the Hawaii State Foundation on Culture and the Arts

Classes at International Quilt Festival Houston Texas
November 2-5, 2017

  • Bookbinding for Quilters
  • Print Your Favorite Fabrics
  • Mixed-Media Forum—Color Choices When Printing Your Fabrics
  • Hand Appliqué and Hand Quilting
  • Saturday Sampler—English Paper Piecing Designs for Your Next Quilt
  • Learn English Paper Piecing and Make a Fabric Bowl

What students say about Lisa Louise:

Your classes are always fun, and positive. Possibilities are what you have given me.  Thanks!


You have opened up a whole new world of ideas, given me new creative tools, and expanded my definition of “art” and “creativity” to see the artist within myself and the art in the things I already do.